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We are a Jersey registered trust (Registration number NPO1101) that is focussed on conservation, community development and volunteer tourism in Zimbabwe - starting with the Matebeleland province and then branching out.

In Zimbabwe we have also registered the trust (Protocol no. 309 of 12 December 2015).

Hwange National Park (the H is silent) which we support, is an area the size of Belgium and yet its current revenue is only about 5% of its needs. It is in dire need of support in various areas such as infrastructure support and research.

Read more about us and the team in our profile.

What we do:

Londoloza focuses its work in three key development areas:


  • Conservation - including biodiversity conservation,heritage preservation and environmental management.

  • Community Development & Empowerment - working with communities to address socio-economic challenges through sustainable interventions.

  • Volunteerism - ethical trips and programmes aimed at supporting development and conservation projects through hands-on experiences and material contribution. More information can be found in the 'Get Involved' tab.


In selecting which projects to initiate, Londoloza Trust seeks  to pursue efforts that:

  • tackle wildlife management and socio-economic challenges.

  • aligned to SDGs  and other development frameworks.

  • are  requested by our partners.

  • unite  all  partners towards a common goal.

  • that promote sustainable development.

What makes Londoloza different?

Conservation or tourism efforts often fail when the communitity are not core participants. 

We would like a number of tourists to visit the us - but with a twist - they will participate in community projects, hence "voluntourism".

You see as an example, while the tourism activities bring in alot of "tourist dollars", the community does not often benefit - and the conflict deepens when wildlife like elephants destroy their gardens or lions attack their livestock.

It doesn't have to be this way. This conflict can be resolved by getting the community involved, beginning with school children and providing them with real benefits. A community that values tourism will assist in conservation - today, tomorrow and always.

What does Londoloza mean?

The word 'Londoloza' means to protect or look after  in Ndebele, the language spoken by one of the two main tribes of Zimbabwe. It means a similar thing in Zulu, a language from near by South Africa, a second home for many Zimbabweans it seems.

Who is on the team?

It is the initiative of Henry Nehwati, a son of the soil, born in Lukosi village near Hwange national park.  Henry worked in the tourism industry for more than 20 years before moving to Jersey, United Kingdom. He is passionate about conservation and community development.

The rest of the team comprise of tourism, community and financial personnel.

Where will donated funds go to?

We need your support with not only donations but by becoming a volunteer tourist.

We shall maintain reports to explain where your funds will go and in addition we answer other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The core projects of the trust are below. Each of the links will take you to a dedicated page.

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